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What does E-Dressage have to offer you?


Join us for an inside look at the dressage competition scene and the personal stories of challenge, loss, and glory as we interview top dressage riders from all over the world.

Online Showing

Video classes and photo classes (including a few fun ones!) Classes are judged by qualified showing judges to make these classes as close to industry standards as possible.

online dressage

Holding BD, BE and RDA tests. All of our dressage classes are judged by listed British Dressage judges to keep these classes as close to industry standard as possible.


Riders from across the globe can compete and train together without leaving the yard. With over 50 classes each month, there really is something for everyone!

video feedback

On top of their official BD feedback sheets, members also receive a video from the judge, giving them more in-depth advice and helpful tips.

Training Videos

Members get access to a weekly training video, deomonstrated by a Grand Prix Dressage rider and List 1 British Dressage judge.

training vault

Members get access to our huge online library of articles, webinars, Q&A sessions and training videos, all created by our dedicated Training Team.


Our awesome members receive a printed copy of our monthly magazine straight to your door. With articles, upcoming events and other exciting news.

How to enter a class – in three simple steps!

Some people think that you need to be a technological whiz in order to compete at online - but that is really not the case! If you can use a video camera or a smart phone, then you can save yourself a lot of time and money by competing online. Here is how to enter an online class in three simple steps!

Pick a class to enter
We host over 50 classes every month! This includes dressage tests from BD, BE and RDA alongside video and photo showing classes. Select the class that you would like to enter and complete our payment page. Click here to enter a class now!
Send us your photo or video
Instructions of what you need to send us are on every class entry page, but do make sure you view our rules first to ensure that your entry will be accepted. Next you need to send us your video/photo before the class deadline.
Wait for the results
We will get your entry judged a fully trained judge. The results will then be available online shortly after in our results section. All dressage score sheets and rosettes will be sent out to you in the post.

What other people think…

A fantastic idea that allows all ages and abilities to have fun and compete in a relaxed environment. A great training aid for both horse and rider. “

Sarah Browne Testimonial

I am so glad I discovered E-Dressage. It has kept me and Galaxy motivated through the winter and not having to haul the trailer out and drive miles to events is wonderful. There is a great choice of tests you can do at lots of different levels. The test sheets come back promptly with lots of really useful feedback on them and when I have been lucky enough to win a rosette they are gorgeous! Sressage has become Dressage again and we are loving it!! “

Julie Johnson E-Dressage Testimonial

I have always suffered from competition nerves and have been very disappointed in the past with myself. I so wanted to show off my hairy cob, Bob, but found myself doing silly mistakes due to being so nervous. E-Dressage changed all that for me, I can now do a test without any pressure on myself. I have found such confidence! My percentages have improved, as well as being able to see problems or really good moments in my riding just by watching my tests. I also feel looked after as a customer, E-dressage team are so thoughtful. Everyone is welcome whatever your level and the judges are very constructive and kind. “

Louise Bowling E-Dressage Testimonial

E-Dressage gives great service, Roz is really helpful. The sheets get back to you quickly and have lots of comments on, which is great for improving training! Love it! Plus its really easy to enter, and my horses don’t have to get upset being on the lorry alone whilst the other one competes. “

E-Dressage Testimonial

What to do next…

FREE book - Master Dressage: The Basics - when you enter one of our dressage classes! Limited to one book per person whilst stock lasts!